The World's First
Robotic Frozen Yogurt Franchise!

Reis & Irvy's is reinventing the landscape of frozen yogurt with the world’s most high tech entertaining attraction sure to generate buzz and revenue at almost any high traffic location. In fact, we're changing the frozen yogurt business forever! Fun, engaging and good for business wherever it’s placed, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot is the world's first robotic frozen yogurt vending machine and is now available to select locations and qualified candidates as an exciting franchise opportunity.

Building on a long-standing practice of creative franchising, we are industry leaders in high-tech, automated vending. Innovative, progressive, socially responsible business operations have fueled the success of our company, as well as its franchisees. From the development of our robotic vending technologies, right down to the unique and engaging features of our Froyo Robots, such as our featured animated short (below) which is played during every froyo purchase on a high-resolution monitor for customers to enjoy, Reis & Irvy’s truly brings the future of robotic technology to the fun and excitement of frozen treats!

Froyo Meets Robo

Imagine a self-serve, frozen yogurt vending machine that’s also a pure entertainment experience. That’s the best way to describe Reis & Irvy’s, the world’s first robot-manned frozen yogurt robot. Packing 60 servings per hour into 12-square feet of space, our kiosk creates a fun zone at any location where it’s installed, combining the novelty of robotic delivery to the (already fun) experience of eating frozen yogurt! This amazing robot delivers creamy froyo creations all within 60 seconds or less. Featuring two soft serve options, the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robots offer both traditional premium froyo, as well as our premiere non-fat, gluten-free, frozen fruit froyo, made with 100-percent fruit juice for customers seeking a lighter treat. With over 82 possible flavor combinations our Froyo Robots cater to virtually any flavor palate. And, with a choice of six delicious toppings, the options for your customers are limitless!

Franchise With Us

Our Froyo Franchise for sale opportunity takes a traditional retail store operation – and compresses it all into our portable Froyo Robots. No more employees, no more store leases, and no more bulky inventory.

The Reis & Irvy’s team has redefined the vending landscape, and has drastically changed how consumers, business owners and franchise owners look at vending machines. At corporate headquarters, our team is dedicated to providing an opportunity and a franchise model which promotes the highest level of opportunity for its brand ambassadors. Focused on turn-key solutions for new and existing franchisees, the company provides a wealth of resources, tools and standards to help pave the way for successful placement, operation, support and management within the marketplace, including:

  • Location Procurement
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Operations and Logistical Support
  • National Marketing and Branding Support

All Reis & Irvy’s franchise owners receive comprehensive training in order to understand the technology, our marketing methods, proprietary location procurement techniques and most importantly how to be the best operator. We help you understand how to make our Froyo Robots work for you and your community. Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robots are installed, maintained and serviced by our national network of operators, providing you premiere service and support around the clock. From installation to instant sensation our robots drive traffic and revenue directly to you!

There’s never been a better time to join the team behind the future of frozen yogurt! We’re ready to help support your business, and get you the traffic you deserve. In order to begin, fill out the contact form on this page. One of our Franchise Development Managers will contact you directly!

Host A Free Froyo Robot – Become A Location!

Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robots aren’t just an opportunity for potential franchisees. They are also a significant benefit to the locations in which they are placed! Creating a destination within a destination, a Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot redefines the customer experience of frozen yogurt and truly makes any location an instant sensation. Malls, shopping centers, amusement parks, airports, college campuses, movie cinemas…whatever the high-traffic destination, a Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot provides any location the opportunity to:

  • Increase Consumer Traffic
  • Build Repeat Business and Customer Retention
  • Share in The Profits (Gross Profits)
  • Build Brand Visibility and Awareness
  • Maximize Profitability Per Square Feet
  • Enhance The Overall Customer Experience

In addition to the benefits that the Reis & Irvy’s Froyo Robot brings to any business, retail or entertainment destination, is the ease in which you can host one of these amazing robots. We have a team of operators across the United States that we can connect with premiere locations to showcase our Reis & Irvy’s Robots. Imagine having yet another reason and engaging attraction for your customers, all within the walls of your location and all at no cost to you. That’s right. No cost to you. If you are ready to host the next revolution in frozen yogurt at your business or destination, simply fill out the host form (to the right) and one of our Robot Placement Specialists will contact you!